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  • General Information About Egypt

  • Egypt Location

    Egypt located in the north part of Africa along the mediterranean sea, red sea and the Nile river in the middle of the country. Egypt considered being a part and one of the middle east countries.

  • The capital city of Egypt

    Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and it is located in the heart of the country with a very large population of about 9.5 million people live in the city.

  • Egypt Airports

    Cairo international airport is the main airport in Egypt in addition to 27 other airports located in different cities.

  • The Language Spoken in Egypt

    The official language spoken in Egypt is Arabic with various accent variation across the cities. English also widely spoken across the country and you also may find different varieties of languages spoken in the tourist's hotspots.

  • Currency in Egypt

    The main currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound. The code of the currency is EGP. It is also available to withdraw money from banks or ATMs while you stay in Egypt.

  • Safety in Egypt

    Egypt is completely safe to visit. Police, tourist police and the army are everywhere in the country that you will feel secure, they will do their best to secure the country and make everyone in Egypt to feel very safe.

  • Sightseeing Information

  • How can I get to Esna or Kom Ombo without being on a cruise?

    The train then a taxi is the easiest way to visit these sites or you can hire a private car or taxi from and to Luxor or Aswan.

  • Is it available to get inside the great pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)?

    It is available to go inside the pyramid but the number of tickets is so limited to 300 people per day classified into two groups, the first in the morning 8:00 am and the second in the afternoon at 3:00 pm. Tickets are available at the main entrance of the pyramid on the basis of first come, first serve. Tickets tend to be sold so fast. So if you were not lucky enough to get your ticket in the morning so you still have another chance to be the first in line to get one in the afternoon.

  • Is it available to get inside the pyramids of Khafre (Chephren) and/or Menkaure (Mycerinus)?

    It is available, and there is no limitation on a number of tickets but only one of them is open at a time, so to give it the allow to refresh the air after the high level of carbon dioxide accumulation inside. Tickets are available on the main entrance of the pyramids.

  • Is photography allowed inside the tombs?

    It is not allowed to take photos inside tombs, pyramids, Abu simple, valley of kings and any sightseeing that contain paintworks as it may cause damages so that's why there are no cameras inside but it's okay outside. Always ask for instruction to prevent any trouble that may happen which violate the rules of the sightseeing.

  • Is there another sightseeing available for tourists to see rather than mentioned in the tour packages?

    This is the main sightseeing in Egypt while the majority of visitors are experiencing Egypt for the first time so most of the travel itineraries will include these sites. Egypt has of ancient sites that can be visited so just send us your request on Info@3mtourism.com so we can handle all your needs.


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